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This post is perfect for those on a diet or planning to start dieting in order to lose weight. Here are top ten questions that people ask in relation to weight loss and dieting.

What is my ideal weight range?

There are set rules that define your body weight range as per your individual height. However, these rules have a limitation. They don’t take into account the individual body compositions while defining weight ranges.

How can we lose weight more effectively?

There is no perfect solution to weight loss owing to individual culinary tastes and preferences. Under individual circumstances, the best weightloss program is the one that you can implement better in accordance with your personal preferences.

What if I want to avoid regaining the weight I lost?

Regaining the lost weight can be problem in itself. The best way is to adapt to a long-term healthy life style and eating habits that promote weight retention after a dieting program. Remember to exercise even if it’s a walk.

Is there any connection between diabetes and obesity?

Yes, there is. Technically speaking, being overweight means have higher volume of stored body fat. In all such cases, higher glucose levels are observed as the fat becomes the primary source of energy to the muscle (rather than glucose). Excess glucose therefore is retained by our body. In a cyclic reaction, our pancreas is burdened for producing excess insulin to balance out high blood glucose. The whole-body system wherefore suffers.

How can the sugar intake be reduced?

It is important to understand that sugar in small measures is a must for healthy body. However, keep your daily sugar intake within ten percent of your daily total calorie count.

What should be the frequency of weight measurement?

You can track your weight on daily basis. However, there is a problem with daily weight notes. Our body tends to retain liquid under certain conditions. This can raise a false alarm in case of daily weight measurement. To nullify this effect, you should ideally weigh yourself on weekly or fortnightly basis.

Is exercise a must for weigh loss?

Physical activity in any form is an absolute must for a healthy body and diet program. Apart from calorie burning, exercise promotes calcium absorption and enhances body metabolism.

How do we define a calorie?

Calorie is the count of energy that a particular food pack. In general terms, caloric count of a particular food item defines that amount of energy we gain by consuming that food item.

Is weight loss possible without altering our daily diet?

Yes. It is possible to lose weight by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet coupled with regular exercise, good sleep and healthy life style.

How important is to include fish in my diet?

Fish is one of the healthiest forms of nutritional intake known to medical science. Owing to its high protein, low fat and mineral rich composition, fish is vital in promoting cardiovascular health and maintaining healthy body systems.


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