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By eating the right groups of foods, you can switch your body from a fat storage mode into a fat melting mode. With the use of specific vitamins and supplements your body can burn more calories.

By optimizing critical fat melting nutrients it will allow you to lose stubborn weight allowing you to eat in a more realistic way for life. You still will have to watch portion sizes and exercise but these vitamins and supplements will help.

Vitamin D – If your level of Vitamin D falls to low, it can cause fat cells can convert to sugar into then store it rather than to release it. Low levels also can interfere with Leptin, which is a hormone that tells your brain to stop eating.

Calcium – working in tandem with Vitamin D, Calcium is a mineral that helps you to shed fat. Stored in fat cells, researchers think that the more calcium the cell has within, the more that fat cell will release to be burned off. It also helps to promote weight loss by binding fat to your GI tract and thus prevents as much being absorbed into your bloodstream.

Protein – Together with Vitamin D and Calcium, protein helps to encourage muscle mass as you lose weight. The stronger your muscle groups the more physical you will be able to be thus losing weight faster. Eating protein regularly will significantly help to reduce hunger.


Omega 3 – By switching on enzymes, Omega 3’s enable weight loss that trigger fat burning cells. They may also be able to help with reducing emotional eating as they boost your mood. They also increase Leptin signaling in the brain, which will help to suppress appetite and increase fat burning.

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids – MUFA’s can help improve burning fat. They have been known to reduce appetite and to keep ones blood sugar levels steady. High levels of MUFA’s can be found in peanuts and olive oil.

Polyphenols – These are the antioxidants that are found in Green Tea and that give it its reputation of being a metabolism booting punch. Studies have show than it can increase your metabolic rate by over 15%. It also helps to reduce hunger and cravings.

Probiotics – getting the bacteria in your stomach give your stomach the right balance. Some studies have shown huge results on getting this right to where woman have seen staggering results in weight loss.


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