Top 10 Weight Loss Tips


1. Breakfast is a must. Eating a healthy breakfast gets vital nutrients into your body that will give you sufficient energy to get through the day. Importantly it also starts your metabolism that burns calories throughout the day that helps to lose weight.

2. Healthy Foods. Go through your fridge and pantry replacing as much junk food with as many fresh product and healthy food as you can. When you next shop, try not getting any snacks high fat or salt levels.

3. Increase Fiber intake. Eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and non-processed food. The fiber contained in these will help to fill you up and hopefully steer you away from unhealthy choices.

4. Weekends. Lets face it, the weekend comes and we all just want to relax a little. This is where we can easily fall back into our old bad habits. Keep to your weight loss plan. Weekends are no different if you want to lose weight long term.

5. Restrict portion sizes. As part of your weight loss plan, you need to manage portion sizes. You will never lose weight bu over eating so make sure to measure portions of food. Get some healthy recipes for weight loss online to assist you.

6. A new lifestyle. Weight loss isn’t just about changing the food you eat for a little while. It’s a commitment to a life long healthy way of living and sticking your weight loss plan. You will have a new much better outlook on life from doing so.

7. Snacks. This is a critical one. Make sure to take healthy snacks with you so that you don’t have to buy junk food when out. It’s such an easy trap we can all fall into. Fruits and nuts are a great source of a healthy snack and taste better also.

8. Junk Food. You don’t have to 100% cut these out, we are all human, but do limit yourself to the amount you have. Instead of a full chocolate bar maybe have half and never more than a couple times a week or you wont lose weight.

9. Exercise. We are not all athletes but regular exercise will help your weight loss plan and reduce obesity. Go for a walk in the park, throw a ball to the dog, go to the Gym if that’s you but so something to get your body moving.

10. Mark your progress. A great way to help motivate you is to keep track of what you have been eating and how much weight you have been losing as a result of making healthy choices, it will help to keep you highly motivated.

To achieve long-term weight loss, you need to combine both diet and exercise into your daily routine. One important fact to remember, we all fall of the wagon at some point of our weight loss program but don’t give up, just start again the next day.



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