How To Lose Weight Fast


When you have set your mind on losing weight, taking the slow route is always not an option. Your desire is to cut down the extra weight in the fastest way possible without ending up in a hospital or thinking that you are participating in a dare game. There are a multiple ways how to lose weight fast. However, for you to sustain them you must be willing to sacrifice your time, resources, and energy. Most of the ways will leave hungry and unsatisfied most of the time. If this is your goal, then read on till the end.

Add proteins to your diet : Proteins are the main nutrients in any weight loss program. In the process of digesting and metabolizing proteins, the human body burns a lot of calories. Again, proteins tend to make you feel full and cut down your appetite. Examples of proteins include eggs, meat, and beans.

Stay away from processed foods : processed foods are designed to make you want to eat more. They tend to cause ‘eating-addiction’ more than unprocessed foods. Again, they have a high component of added fats, sugars, and calories.

Drink a lot of water : drinking a lot of water increases the calories you burn every hour by 25%-30%. If you want to lose weight fast, scientists recommend that you take at least 6 glasses of water everyday. Drinking a cup of water before meals also boosts weight loss as it tricks your stomach to being full and therefore, you take small amounts of food.

Avoid sugary drinks : sugary drinks are known to contribute to obesity to a higher percentage. These drinks include sugary soft drinks, sweetened coffee, processed fruit juices, and chocolate milk.

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables : fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods available. They have a high content in fiber, nutrients and water. Moreover, they have a low energy density. This makes it possible to consume a large amount without adding calories to your body. Every meal you take should have a serving of fruits and vegetables. These include spinach, kales, cabbages, and all types of fruits.

Use smaller plates : according to studies, smaller plates make you eat less as it changes your view on the food portion sizes. People usually fill up their plates the same regardless of the size of the plate. Using a smaller plate reduces the food you eat giving you a perception that you have eaten more food.

Eat your food slowly : if you eat your food too fast, you might end up raking in too much calories before your body notices that you are already full. Eating and chewing slowly may make your body secrete hormones which are linked to weight loss.

If you want to shed off those excess pounds in a fast way, this is a sacrifice worth trying. Start today and put into practice the above tips on how to lose weight fast. Give yourself motivation and within one week, you will start noticing the difference and your body will soon crawl back into the shape you desired.


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