Zumba for Weight Loss and Fitness


Sure you’ve been in some class or at least heard about the Zumba. This exercise emerged in Colombia in 1990 and has become a very popular exercise throughout the world, attracting more and more people.

The key to its success is that it combines music, using very popular songs in Latin America, with aerobic exercise and allows exercise in a fun way and without it being an obligation.

Scientists at the Wisconsin University analyzed a group of women who practiced Zumba frequently, and they could see that a 40-minute class manages to burn approximately 370 calories.In addition, work in a Zumba class is intense and scientists found that it is a great workout, similar to moderate intense exercises such as aerobic or kickboxing.


Definitely what makes Zumba different from the rest is that it has the ability to attract those who do not enjoy exercising frequently.But beyond the results (which can also be obtained with other training) what really makes the difference is that women enjoy the class so much that it becomes a habit.

According to experts, the Zumba acts as a disguised exercise that provides fun but also great benefits for physical and mental health, managing to increase self-esteem and improving the quality of life. Since it is an exercise that requires relaxation and fun, it is stimulating and liberating and is of great help for people with anxiety.


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