Yoga – Best Method to Lose Weight


The best method to lose weight is different in each person depending on metabolism, lifestyle and other factors. Alternative therapies such as Acupuncture and Yoga, among others, can be of great help.

To lose weight Yoga can help us a lot since its regular practice transforms our body in more agile, elastic and gives us some tools to get the mental control necessary to maintain the willpower that any weight reduction plan requires.

The anxiety to eat can be eliminated from our minds by practicing yoga. It also balances emotions and allows us to easily control impulses, which can be a great help to be perseverant and have consistency in any weight reduction plan.


There are also some yoga exercises to lose weight. These exercises are part of the yoga techniques that we can learn in any yoga class. The whole set of yoga postures or asanas are advantageous to lose weight.

Asanas are useful for reducing fats in various parts of the body. Among them, we have several postures or asanas that are recommended in yoga to lose weight: Sarvangasana or posture of the candle. Halasana commonly called the plow and Matsyasana or the fish posture. All of them are very advisable to burn fat in the arms, legs, and abdomen.

Another technique that yoga teaches us to burn fat is Pranayama. This technique is designed to control the vital energy of life. It is a breathing technique in which strong and rapid inspirations are made.


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