Weight Training Guide for Beginner’s


Although you probably think of cardiovascular exercises as the only way to lose weight, we should keep in mind that we can lose weight while we gain muscle. Therefore, lifting weights at least twice a week will reduce your total body fat by 3% in just 10 weeks. This is because, the more muscle we have, the more energy we need, and therefore we burn more calories.

It is important to know that by doing a weight routine you will not become a bodybuilder, that is, you will have an aesthetically pleasing and proportionate shape with your body. One knows the level of musculature that you want to obtain and above all, maintaining an adequately healthy weight.

These types of exercises do not have a certain age or limit, but if you need to consult the doctor before starting them, for some kind of illness that you suffer. Keep in mind that, it is very good for your health but, with certain requirements according to each particular case.


As the word says this is a routine, therefore, it must be organized and performed with constancy, so that the work achieved is not stagnant. It is not complicated, you can also do it at home, but it is advisable to advise you with a specialized fitness instructor or join a local gym that can also advise.

You can do these exercises, 2 to 3 times a week, working legs, lats, shoulders, chest or abs. It has to be a light exercise, especially at the beginning but repeated for several times. Stretching and hydration are essential. It is advisable to supplement with anaerobic exercises, such as walking or dancing.


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