Running for Weight Loss


When you start arunning session, the body takes approximately 20 minutes to start “burning” fats, so its recommended you try and do at least 45 minutes of activity, five days a week. If you manage to do an hour, of course, it will be much better.

Many women don’t like to run because they feel very tired, but you don’t have to beat anyone. An adequate training program can help you, it is best to combine rhythms and intensities.

If you start running you should also start and maintain a balance between the calories you spend and the calories you consume. Consider your goal so that it is worth the effort you are making.


Remember that you need fuel for two things: first, so that you endure the training session and, secondly so that the metabolism favors you. A banana with a fist of nuts or an amaranth bar is a good option for before running.

Eat often. You should not spend more than four hours without food. It’s a myth that if you breakfast or dinner you will lose weight faster go. In fact it is the opposite! If your diet is very low in calories, you accustom your body to go hungry and store fat as a precaution.


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