What is Keto Diet


The Keto Diet

Maybe you have heard about the keto diet and its effective results. Well, do not get stuck on what this is. It is a very low-carb diet which can go a long way in helping you to burn fats faster and more effectively. Most people who have undergone it have proven that it really helps in losing weight and maintaining a healthy state for your body. Let’s learn more about the keto diet.

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What Does Keto Mean?

This is a diet that comes along with allowing the body to generate fuel molecules called ketones. It serves as an alternative source for fuel in the body which is used when there is a short supply of glucose. The ketones are produced if you eat few carbohydrates and lite amounts of proteins. Once you eat that, the liver produces the ketones from fat, and they serve as a source of fuel throughout the body. This is how the body is able to burn fats.
If you go on a ketogenic diet, the whole body changes its fuel supply and burns fat for the body’s fuel instead of blood sugar. In situations when insulin levels are low, fat burning rises spontaneously, and this produces amazing results if you are trying to lose weight. Other benefits include less hunger and continuous and stable supply of energy to the body.

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Foods To Eat When On A Keto Diet

The most key thing in a ketogenic diet is avoiding carbs or eating very few. You should ensure that your daily carbs intake is below 50 grams per day. Here is a list of foods and drinks you should consume:


Meat – unprocessed meats are keto-friendly foods. But do not take a lot of meat as keto is a high-fat diet, not a high protein. Always avoid processed meats like cold cuts, sausages, and meatballs

Eggs – you can eat eggs either scrambles, in a salad, boiled or fried. The healthiest option for eggs is the organic or pastured eggs

Fish and seafood – seafood is very healthy o eat and ensure that you eat fatty fish especially salmon.

Vegetables – you are allowed to eat frozen or fresh vegetables but ensure that you eat the ones that grow above the ground. The best include leafy vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. Make sure they serve as a replacement for rice, pasta, and potatoes.

Nuts – take nuts in moderation. Taking them as snacks can make you overfed on them. However, avoid cashew nuts as they are high-carb. You can choose pecan nuts or macadamia.

High-fat dairy – you can use butter, high-fat cheese or high-fat yogurt. You can also use the cream for cooking your meals


Water – this is the number one option in a keto diet. You can take it cold, or sip it hot with tea or a dash of lemon and cucumbers

Tea – drink a lot of tea whether green, mint or herbal but do not add sugar

Coffee – do not add sugar and if you have to add milk, add a small amount

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