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Florida heart specialist Dr. Arthur Agatston stressed the intake of both beneficial carbs and fats and created the diet for his patients based on scientific dieting inquiries formulating the South Beach Diet.

Dr. Agatston encouraged a reduction of bad carbs and fats replaced with an increased consumption of good carbs and fats. He added an overindulgence of bad fats increased the chances cardiovascular disease.

There are 3 main stages to The South Beach Diet. Dr. Agatston advices that in all three stages one must limit the amount of bad fat consumption. Phase 1 lasts 2 weeks where people are encouraged to stay well clear of high glycemic carbs that are found in things like bread, pasta, cereals, fruit candy and sugar.

This helps to eradicate insulin resistance and as a result the body will start to utilize its own excess fat and you lose weight fast – between 10-15 pounds in fact.

Phase II starts 2 weeks later where fruits and whole grain foods are slowly worked back into the diet in portioned amounts. As soon as the dieter achieves their targeted weigh loss, Phase 3 kicks in where the diet allows 3 potions of whole grains and fruit a day.

The South Beach Diet gives beneficial carbs a low glycemic index meaning they can be digested and ingested easily. There are also other desirable carbs such as brown rice in moderation yet white rice is discouraged.

Dr. Agatston encourages eating fiber or fat when consuming any carbohydrates as it helps to retard digestion of them. Monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats are listed as good fats while saturated fats are listed as bad.

The South Beach Diet stresses to change up the way you eat and consume many different foods that are simplistic. It encourages you to eat large volumes of vegetables and meats with Omega 3 such as fish while steering you away from any processed foods that contain saturated fats.

Dr. Agatston doesn’t require you to count calories or watch portion sizes, rather he advises you to eat until you are gratified. His process allows you to have 6 meals a day including snacks between breakfast lunch and dinner.


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