HCG Diet


An extreme alternative against overweight.

These days there are many options for those who want to lose a little weight, whether it is for health or to simply to improve their image there are many choices. This keeps all nutritionists busy trying to design a diet that is very effective and whose results are manifested almost immediately, since they know that time is extremely important for those who want to lose weight.

How did the HCG diet originate?

It was Albert Simeons, a British doctor, who proposed using HCG as a tool to lose weight. His diet, dating from 1954, proposed two basic elements:

• A diet that will not exceed 500 calories per day.
• The administration of HCG through injections.

In the HCG diet, regular injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin are received. Currently, there are so many pills and other presentations of HCG.

How does the HCG Diet work?

The HCG Diet begins with the consumption of 20 drops of HCG twice a day along with high-fat foods for only the first two days of the diet. You should take the HCG drops between 15 to 20 minutes before your meals. You should drink 20 drops under your tongue in the morning before breakfast and in the afternoon before dinner.

This will allow the adipose (fat) cells of the body to initiate a new metabolic process. After the first two days, you should consume 500 calories a day.

People make the Original HCG Diet has experienced the loss of 1 pound to 2 pounds daily. The diet consists of consuming 500 calories daily at the same time you ingest the HCG drops. Being on a 500 calorie diet, it is very important that you do not exercise while you are following the HCG Diet, as this will cause the body not to discard the fat and save it as a reserve for energy.

The HCG diet offers practically incredible results in a very short time.

This diet promises to lose at least half a kilogram every day. This is because the individual is receiving a smaller amount of calories than he requires and then he must use his reserve, this is done under the influence of the hormone.

Enter the category of extreme diets, since those who practice it have come to lose from half a kg to twice this.

The diet is divided into 3 stages that guarantee its success.

The main attraction of this diet, in addition to the amount of weight that can be lost in no time, also lies in that it promises weight loss without feeling hungry, although it is low in fat and calories.

This diet is divided into three phases:

1) Loading phase:

During the first 2 days you should eat a large amount of foods that make a huge caloric intake and fat, this accompanied by the consumption of the HCG hormone.

2) Weight loss phase:

This is the most difficult and restrictive part of the diet, it tells us that we must continue the HCG consumption, but unlike the first phase, we must stop eating; During this phase the calorie consumption will be reduced to only 500 per day.

3) Maintenance phase:

This is the last step once the previous ones have been conquered; When you reach it you must stop the intake of HCG, and gradually all foods, except sugar and starch, are included normally, this prohibition lasts just under a month.

Please Note: We have simply provided information about the HCG diet but prefer and encourage more long-term healthier solutions. This may not be legal in your country of origin so please check with local authorities first if you are considering it.


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