A Low Carb Diet


Over the years there have been many diets that come and go. One of the most common problems associated with diets is the fact that many of them leave you feeling hungry.

As the name suggests, a low carb diet is restricts carbohydrate intake and as a result, rapid weight loss can be achieved. Some low carb diets allow restricted carbs in the later phase, which is a healthier alternative long term.

Low carb diets remove foods like pastries and pasta, which are high in calories, yet low in nutrition. One of the biggest weigh loss benefits it achieves is because it forces the body to burn fat storage areas including the stomach region.

As a result you weigh lighter and more importantly feel lighter. The food groups that are included tend to reduce water retention. These include protein, fiber and low fat dairy.
One of the good qualities of the low carb diet is the fact it usually gives you better cholesterol levels and blood pressure. By reducing your sugar intake, which usually contains lots of calories, it also helps to reduce obesity and thus heart attacks.


Both protein and fiber take longer to process than most carbohydrates and as a result, you will feel satisfied longer and have better energy levels. Carbs are digested very quickly which gives short term energy but also comes with sudden bursts of hunger and sugar cravings.

Low carb diets on face value look very doable, but you do have to be very disciplined here as it takes out many people’s favorites at mealtime. Bread Pasta and Rice are removed along with anything made from flour, anything with sugar in it (including some fruits), potatoes, corn and most cereals.

Foods allowed include high protein meat, eggs, soybeans and low sugar fruits. If you can stick to the low carb diet you will lose weight fast.

You can also try low carb  Keto Diet Plan for quick weight loss results and to reduce belly fat.


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