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weightloss.lk is a leading weight loss and fitness website which helps people become fit in all across the world. Since we are an independent body, we always focus on offering unbiased opinions to our readers about health and wellness.

Our main goal is to inspire our readers in achieving their fitness goals. We are able to accomplish that goal by providing accurate and practical information that will help our readers set and achieve their realistically health goals.

Our mission

Our mission is to set as many people as possible on the path to a healthier lifestyle. We want to make it easier for our readers to understand how weight loss works and inspire them to live a fuller and healthier life.

What we do

At weightloss.lk, we provide free access to a broad range of resources include articles, tips, and diet plans for weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle.

We believe that everyone should know how they can make their sedentary lifestyle more active and healthier by making small changes in their daily routine. The information available on our website is authentic, credible, and put together after consulting healthcare professionals.

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We provide our free content to our readers about health & fitness, diet & nutrition, exercise for weight loss and bodybuilding, fat burning videos and articles and many other weight loss tips. Our content catered to guiding you through your fitness journey so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Weight Loss Tips and Plans

We provide our readers with realistic weight loss tips and plans that can make the process of losing weight easier and more natural.

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We motivate our readers to work towards achieving a healthier lifestyle and we want to help them throughout the process. That is why we are focused on building a community that connects people from all around the world who have the same mission — to get healthier and fitter.

What we offer

We offer content that is rich, comprehensive, and credible and is available to our readers in several forms including:


We create relevant and insightful articles on topics like gyming, workout, healthy eating tips, weight loss, and muscle gain among others.

Holistic Diet Plans

We feature diet plans that consist of nutritious, balanced, and delicious meals made using real food. These plans are simple, inexpensive, quick to prepare and easy to follow. You can seamlessly integrate them in your daily routine.

Weight Loss Forums

Weight loss isn’t easy, especially when you are handling it all by yourself. That’s why XXX has its own weight loss forums where our readers can share their experiences, struggles and achievements while inspiring and learning from each other.

Welcome to weightloss.lk. We make weight loss simple and living a healthier lifestyle realistic.